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ROMNETS doesn't offer standard solutions only, but solutions adapted to individual needs.

Fishing nets


Here you can find complete professional solutions for premium fishing nets.

Twine and ropes

plase de pescuit

We offer a grate variety of twisted polyamide ropes, made in Romania.

Sports nets

plase ornamentale

Made of polyamide and cut exactly at the dimension specified by you.

Protective netting

plase de protectie

Safety netting for construction sites or other custom nets solutions.

Agriculture nets

plase terenuri sportive

Aviaries and protection nets for zootechnics, fruit growing ,viticulture and other areas.

Decorative fishing nets

Plase cu aplicatie industiala

For when you wish to add a fishing, rusting charm to your location.

"Romnets it’s a company whose seriousness in what it is doing is worthy to be followed. Besides the main activity sustain and supports projects such as sponsoring the book editing " Noduri Marinaresti", the first edition published in Romania which is exclusively dedicated to nods. Thank you very much, without Romnets support is very likely that this book would still be in a project stage".

coauthor Danut Andronie,

Why is Romnets the perfect place for your projects?

Because we do not deliver simple products and you find here custom solutions for your plans.

Because you need a thrust worthy partner, not a merchandiser and we understand this aspect, therefore we offer:
quality products, flexibility, reliability, originality, promptness.

DECENCY is a value for which we care a lot and every day we let ourselves be led by MORALITY and INTEGRITY.

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Romnets offers you now a complete range of contact points and of order and delivery methods.

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