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We are always looking for new materials in order to offer you our best products. We deliver standard or custom solutions, all you need to do is contact us.


Fishing nets

The fishing nets represents an important product in our catalog.Both nylon multifilament nets, and the polyamide, are imported directly from international manufacturers with tradition. The drag net, the gill net, the cast net and the floating vivi(fish cages) are all manually made by us according to your individual needs. We also try to discover new types of materials in order to make it available for you. Read more

Sports ground nets

We have in our offer a ich variety of nets for all needs! The safety nets are made by polyamide fiber or high strength polyethylene, treated against ultraviolet radiation. The nets are custom made, at any dimension, according to your individual needs. This type of net can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Read more

plase de protectie

Safety nets

In constructions, safety is a good bussines! The constructions field from Romania is not yet governed by European standards and work accidents are very common. The safety nets are made by polyamide fiber or high strength polyethylene, treated against UV radiation. They protect workers that may slip, but also certain objects that are easily dropped and that can injur passers. Read more

Nets used in agriculture

We produce nets for a large area of needs. Try us ! Aviary and special nets for delimitation of areas , land poultry breeding, nets that ensure shipping containers waste and other types of trucks. The nets are 100% custom made, according to the customer needs. Read more


Ropes and cords

We have in our offer a rich variety of ropes for all needs! These are top quality and they are used on a large scale. The string is composed of a core , which contributes greatly to the total resistance to tearing and braided outer jacket that provides protection from abrasion. Read more

Ornamental nets

If you own a fishery, a club, a caban or a restaurant and you want to offer it a rustic touch, we have the solution for your needs. We can custom made any type of fishery net, we adapt it to the desire dimension and we can deliver it anywhere you want. Read more

Plase pescaresti ornamentale
Alte tipuri de plase

Other types of nets

Special designed nets with various uses: to cover shipping materials, covered swimming nets , nets for children’s playgrounds, safety nets for staircases,mesh bags for clothes transport and so on. Read more

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