Nets and ropes used in agriculture


Multifilament net with knot, dimensions and main characteristics:

Practical applications:

1. Poultary and animal husbandry nets

Aviary and special nets to delimit the perimeters. These are used both for family and industrial farms.

The safety nets are a relativ simple and economic solution, does not require additional contracts for the installation and maintenance. We can offer you all you need to know to provide prolonged use , in optimal conditions.

2. Agriculture nets

Special nets that protects culture wines and fruit trees from sterling attack and other predators. The nets can be painted in different colors and they resist more than one season.

3.Nets for capturing wild animals and birds

Netting panels or nets made in “drag net fishing” style with which you can capture hares and different wild birds considering relocation in other unpopulated areas.Animals entagled in the net.

In general, we produce nets for every purpose. Try us!

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