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Modern products from fishing nets- for a professional fishing

Fishing nets are manually made by us and it represents an important place in our products catalog. All fishing nets are imported from Japan, from the largest company in the world and are of premium quality .

The largest selection of fishing nets from Romania!

Nylon fishing nets

plase de pescuit nailon

Professional multifilament premium quality “made in Japan” used in the manufacture of gillnets.

Multifilament fishing nets

plase de pescuit multifilament

with or without knot, made from polyamide fiber, the are used producing drag nets , gill nets and other fishing nets.

Drag net


is the biggest fishing equipment, exclusively hand- made multifilament net , rope and floating .

Gill net


professional fishing equipment consists of 3 rows of nets. Mesh sizes between 10mm – 150mm and various lenghts

Romnets it’s a company whose seriousness in what it is doing is worthy to be followed. Besides the main activity sustain and supports projects such as sponsoring the book editing ” Noduri Marinaresti”, the first edition published in Romania which is exclusively dedicated to nods. Thank you very much, without Romnets support is very likely that this book would still be in a project stage.

coauthor Danut Andronie,

Fish farming nets


made from special nets with or without knot for and solutions for arranging fishing farms.

Fyke net


Cilindric shape with 3-4-5 circles, and at one end has an opening where the fish can go in and cannot get out .

Restored fishing nets

reconditionat plase

after the sale , it is natural to worry about maintenance work and restored  nets marketed.

Cast net

Plase pescaresti ornamentale

antique fishing equipment that is 100% hand made after ancient techniques

Fishing nets accessories

Accesorii plase pescuit

coils with fishing thread, for gill nets and drag nets.

Ornamental nets

Plase pescaresti ornamentale

the perfect solution for restaurants, and fisherys.

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