Multifilament fishing nets

Multifilament fishing nets for sale

Multifilament nets are used in produccing the : drag net, gill net, and other fishing nets.

Dimensions and main characteristics:  wire thickness: 210/2, 210/3 … 210/100, mesh size 6mm – 400mm, lenght  100m-300m, hight and colors.

1. Multifilament nets with knot

Is made from high quality polyamide fiber. The polyamide thread from which the net is made is produced by TORAY, a Japanese company, number one worldwide in this field. It is used to produce fishing nets as gill nets, drag nets and safety nets.

Main characteristics:

2. Knotless multifilament fishing nets

Is made from high quality polyamide fibe. This type of net is used for producing floting vivi, drag nets and others.

Dimensions and main characteristics:  wire thickness 210/2, 210/3 … 210/100, mesh size 6mm – 50mm, lenght 100m-300m, hight and colors.

BENEFITS: Offers a very high resistance in time and they are available in a large variety of thickness of wire and mesh sizes. Increased strength qualify them to be used in many domains not just in  aquaculture.

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