Nylon fishing nets


Nylon fishing nets

From multifilament fishing nets we produce: gill net, drag net and others

1. Nylon multifilament fishing nets “SILKY NET” – unic  supplier in ROMANIA

In this field there are a few companies that produce this type of net and it is highly appreciated by the fishermans.

Main characteristics:

Dimensions: Wire tickness: 210/2, 210/3 … 210/16; mesh sizei 6mm – 400mm,lenghts 100m-300m,  hights and various colors.

“SILKY NET model  with 24 filaments” is made from multiple 24 filaments: 1×24; 2×24 …. 9×24, etc.

BENEFITS: Premium high quality of the nets means a longer period os use and from an economical point of view it brings you a bigger profit.

2. Nylon multi-monofilament nets

Dimensions: Wire tickness: x2, x3, 4, 6, 10, 12 twisted wires;  mesh size  10mm – 120mm, lenghts 100m-300m , hights and various colors.

Main characteristics:

ADVANTAGES: High resistance due to the twisted wires, 100% legal.

NEW! Nylon fishing nets for cod fishing in North Sea

Starting with 2016 we are able to deliver premium quality fishing nets, made specifically for fishing  in the North Sea. We can easily export in the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands.

Some fishing equipments have a special scheme of use and possession , we advise you to read the Romanian legislation. We do not produce and sell any type of monofilament fishing nets, it is  ILLEGAL.

Customer reviews

Andrei Andreiut

Am cumparat plase de pescuit de la Romnets si sunt de calitate superioara, Plasele Silky Net sunt foarte fine, lucreaza mult mai bine decat orice am folosit pana acum. Multumesc!


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Alex Istrate

De peste 3 ani ne aprovizionam cu plase si accesorii doar de la aceasta firma, am fost serviti cu promptitudine si seriozitate. Va salutam din Maramures!

Gelu Mihnea

Am cumparat plase de pescuit de la Romnets si sunt de calitate superioara, multumesc!

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