Sports ground nets

We have in our offer a rich variety of nets for all types of grounds. These are custom made, at any dimension, according to your needs. The net can be installed both indoor and outddor.

Main areas of application:

According to technical data, the material from which other features are made, there are different types of nets for sports fields :

1. Polyamide safety net:

Purposes: resistance, stable, the best choice for lateral grouns size walls.

2. Polyetilen safety net

Purposes: polyetilen fibers do not absorb or retain water from rain or snow. therefore, the net is not affecting the pillars which in time would curve. Polyetilen safety nets are generally suitable for domes for sports fields.

The nets are produced from high resistance polyetilen fiber treated against UV radiation.

For a correct and easy installation, on each side of the nets a twisted rope is added.


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Gudac Marian - profesor de sport

Pentru amenajarea terenului de sport din incinta scolii in care lucrez, am optat sa colaborez cu Romnets. Va multumesc pentru produsele de calitate si pentru livrarea prompta.


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