Twines and ropes


Ropes, cords and twines “made in Romania

The ropes  and twines from our offer can be used in almost any industrial activity. Starting with the agriculture, the industrial fishing, the constructions and housekeeping activities and so on.

1. Cords and braided ropes – starting from  3 mm

As composition, they are made up of a core that consists of parallel fiber twine, the entire length has a protective role.

Used materials – polyester fibers (PES) or polyamide (PA ) – premium


2. Ropes and braided twines – starting from 3 mm

They are more financially accessible

Used materials- synthetic fibers of Polypropilena (PP)


3. Fishing thread – coils

The type of material is high quality polyamide, produced by the Japan company TORAY, world number one in this area. This is used by fishermens to produce fishing nets , or in any other field.


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