Fishing farming nets- aquaculture solutions

Overfishing and the world economic situation forced aquaculture in all countries to reorient and seek other solutions development.Raising fish in floating cages (floating vivi) earned the trust of fish farmers over the  years, and in Romania this sector is evolving. We offer you special place floating cages and solutions for planning farms .

1. Multifilament net with knot – relon

The wire mesh is made of polyamide fibers of high quality PA 6.6.

Main characteristics and dimensions:

2. Multifilament net without knot (knotless)

This type of net is stiffer than nylon mesh , mesh wire thickness and size are adjustable to individual needs .

Main characteristics and dimensions:

3. Protective caps for cages and pools

Main characteristics and dimensions:

Above vivi’s  special mounts mesh caps are placed  that protect juvenile birds attack.

In case of species which have the habbit of jumping, is necessary the installing of  this type of place above fishponds

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